8 Benefits of Galvanized Steel Roofing

8 Benefits of Galvanized Steel Roofing

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Businesses have been using galvanized steel roofing for their offices, warehouses, and other structures ever since the 1800’s when  Stanislas Sorel obtained a patent for a method of coating iron with zinc.

Galvanized Longspan Metal Roofing
Galvanized Longspan Roofing in Businesses

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement – more than quadrupling its market share over the past decade. The benefits offered by today’s metal roofs allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with products of lasting value.  While other roofs quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide the following lasting benefits.

Affordability and Ease of Maintenance

Due to its lower cost, it is more affordable to setup metal roofing for your home or business. Coupled with easier maintenance, as repainting, patching or the cost replacing panels after 10 years is not as high as using tile and shale roofs.

Built to last

Metal roofs have been known to last more than 50 years, if handled and maintained properly.  Correct galvanizing depending on the climate and environment of the building- ensures that the roof will last and protect the things that matter to you over the years to come.

Beautiful design

Beautiful that match the styles and architecture of homes and buildings.  Due to its formability, metal roofs can be customized to the look and feel to match your home or community.  Steel Roofs can have a tiled effect, paneled effect, or classical corrugated look.

Easy to Customize

Smart and innovative architecture have paved the way to 20th century homes and buildings that look and feel state of the art.  Due to its easy formability, steel roofs can be bended and shaped in near impossible angles- that tiled roofs cannot cater to.

Maximum wind and water resistance with interlocking panels

Your building is protected from water and wind by interlocking panels that are screwed and then sealed.

Fire resistance

We all know metal is not combustible and has a high melting point. Why else would it be used in planes, cars, ships and even rockets? In hot and dry environments, you can rest assured at least your roof will not catch fire.

Structural integrity of the building is not compromised because of low weight

Due to lighter weight, the structural integrity of your building is not compromised.  That’s why architects and engineers usually prefer metal roofing since they can maximize the design of the building without comprimising strength.


Made of steel core, it is 100% recyclable.

Puyat Steel Roofs

We takes things even further with APO Galfan line of products. Longspan Metal roofing, Precut Corrugated Metal Roofing and custom galvanizing ensures that your home, warehouse, or office roofing will stand the test of harsh climate.

  • Beautifully designed roofing profiles: tiled designs, paneled designs, and classic designs
  • Custom paint and colors for a wide range of uses
  • 10-20 Year Warranty (depending on the product)
  • Hassle free delivery and installation
  • Proven manufacturer with over 62 years of experience
  • Expert roofing engineers and consultants that will help you in deciding the correct roofing needed
  • Caring Customer Support Team that will help you after installation
  • Experienced and trained independent dealer network
  • Lead Free and Environmentally friendly manufacturing process

As you consider a new roof for your home, office, or warehouse, consider the many advantages of steel and metal roofing and let us help you protect your property.

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  1. That’ an amazing article.Its very important to properly take care of steel roofs.Galvanized steel roofs have many such amazing benefits.I will definitely prefer galvanized steel roofs.Thanks for sharing such amazing article.I am glad that I came across such article.Keep sharing.

  2. These days, there are multiple options when it comes to protecting your building’s structural components from corrosion due to moisture, the elements and/or environmental toxins. Galvanized steel is one of the “originals” and we find it’s often the best choice for most steel building construction projects.

  3. Choosing the right roofing materials is essential. Roofing materials that are not suitable for your roof or for the environment you are in can cause damage and may harm you and also those around you! Thank you for sharing this helpful blog!

  4. My husband and I are remodeling our home, and we’re considering getting a metal roof. Your article had some great points about the benefits of getting a steel roof, and I liked how you said that the interlocking panels that are screwed and sealed keeps the building protected from water and wind. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when deciding if a metal roof is the right choice for us.

  5. It was interesting to know that metal roofs can last for more than 50 years if they are going to be maintained properly, so you can be sure that they can stay for years to come. My husband and I are planning to install a new roof. We want to find a material that will save us money in the long run because we don’t want to keep spending on repairs and replacements. We’ll hire a roofing contractor that offers installation of sheet metal roofs.

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