APO Galfan® Longspan Color roofing. We manufacture,  deliver,  install, and support your project every step of the way.

Let us lend our Expertise

Longspan roofing is not a problem. Let us help you with the right roofing solution.  Our Product Engineers have over three decades of experience, and our portfolio ranges from warehouses to buildings, from near impossible angles to difficult curves.   

Unparalleled Support Every Step of the Way

The right roofing solution built by experts & installed by experts

1. The Right Roofing Product From the Start

We can customize based on your roofing plan and design right from our state-of-the-art factory, ensuring a superior product from the start.

We can formulate a product to respond to the challenges of the area such as seaside installations and in highly corrosive environments.

We then provide an estimate and quotation and recommend the best roofing profile to be used based on your roofing plan. We can discuss with your Architect and contractor on how BEST to install your roof.

2. Delivered by Experts

We handle, transport and deliver your products to ensure quality is maintained.

3. Installed by Experts

Our certified contractors have been with us through the years, they live and breathe roofing. 

4. Unparalleled Support

Our customer care will be with you every step of the way.  We also provide a 10-20 Year warranty on our Products and Workmanship.

Our Portfolio

Ayala Greenfields | Banawe
Ayala Greenfield boasts of world class facilities that furnish to a dynamic lifestyle with a refined country club located at the foothills of Mount Makiling. Ayala choose Puyat Steel’s Banawe Roofing Profile because it is perfect for Ayala Greenfields bolder architectural design.
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Nestle Philippines | Standing S-Rib
Puyat Steel’s S-Rib Standing Seam and Standing S-Span were used for Nestle Philippines. The S-Rib Standing Seam and Standing S-Span roof profile features High Rib, Mechanical Seamed, and Leak Resistant. These roofing profile fits perfectly with Nestle modern design plant.
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Petron Stations | Tilespan Maxi
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Toyota Showroom | Multi R-Span
Puyat Steel Corporation’s Multi R-Span roofing profile received the Architects Choice Award in year 2014 because of its evenness of aesthetics and strength. Because of the quality and design, Multi R-Span roofing profile was chosen for Toyota Show Rooms.  
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La Salle Greenhills | EPR Curve Roof
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Lyceum | S-Rib Standing Seam
LPU-Cavite is located in Gen. Trias. Puyat Steel’s S-Rib Seam & Steel Decking were chosen for their new academic building design. S-Rib is a versatile roof profile that offer superior leak resistant and is perfect for Curved 7 tapered roofing.
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US Embassy | Banawe Roofing
Banawe roof profile was chosen by US Embassy as their roof because of its bolder architectural design. Aside from that, Puyat Steel offers superior protection against corrosion which is perfect for the building structure since it is located near the sea.
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Tile Effect Roofing Profile

Our Tile Effect Roofing Profiles are both beautiful and durable.  Get First Class Design, with World Class Durability and Quality.

Comes with a 20 Year Warranty.

Rib Type Roofing Profile

Go for a modern look, with our Rib Type and Paneled roofing profiles.  

Get First Class Design, with World Class Durability and Quality.

Comes with a 20 Year Warranty.

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