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APO Galfan® Steel Coils and Steel Sheets

Superior Formability, Bendability, Durability, and Drawability.

Steel Coils & Steel Sheets

We produce our Galvanized Steel Coils and Steel Sheets in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the Philippines. We ensure that our products go through a rigid testing and quality assurance process because we take quality seriously- from raw materials to finished goods.

APO Galfan Steel Coils and Sheets

  • Superior Formability, Bendability, Durability, and Drawability.
  • 95% Zinc 5% Al
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Comes in plain or various colors
  • Comes in various tonnages

Galvanized (GI) Steel Coils and Sheets

  • Comes in plain or various colors
  • Comes in various tonnages

Trusted by Engineers and Fabricators for more than half a Century.

APO Galfan® Steel Coils

Our Steel Coils have maximum formability and drawability, coupled with APO Galfan® technology giving additional durability and protection.

Industrial Applications

Roll Formers

Our Steel Coils are excellent for Roll Forming into roofs or various profiles. APO Roofs has been known for its quality for more than half a century, and our APO Colored Longspan roofs are top of the line in durability and corrosion resistance. Upgrade your Roofing Business by using the best material for your custom roofs.


We have been supplying Steel Sheets and Steel Coils to Fabricators and Machinists for decades. Superior products- start with superior raw materials.  Corrosion protections from the inside out.


Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are familiar with APO Galfan, and have been using our steel coils and sheets for aircon ducts, elevator shafts, steel decks and C Purlins.  We even supplied the tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. 

We can supply galvanized Steel Coils and Steel Sheets throughout the country- and the rest of the world.

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